Packaging Tips

Want to pack efficiently and get the best results? Check out our tips and also our packing & wrapping service, as well as available packaging materials.


To gain the Best results during your removal strictly adhere to the following packing procedures and suggestions.
If it will fit in a carton, put it in an appropriate carton keeping sides and top flat with clear labelling.

Book carton; records, Cds, Dvds, books, liquids, crockery, ornaments.

Dish pack; linen, videos, small stereos, microwave, lampshades, etc

Clothing carton; clothes, long items that have to travel flat.

Packing liquids: Check all lids for leaks. Items without lids or leaking lids, don't go.

Cartons must be clearly marked with arrows on sides and on top  This Way Up.

Remove glass shelves out of the cabinets and wrap well. Drop wooden shelves, and stow supports in a drawer.

Pictures, paintings and mirrors must be removed from walls, put in a carton or wrapped well. Large paintings can be slipped in to flattened box with ends taped.

Ironing boards and air driers must be taped closed.

Legs of beds and tables to be removed where feasible. Stow legs in bedside cabinets or drawers.

Fragile items such as glassware, ornaments, crockery, etc. to be tissue wrapped.

Plastics can be stowed in the fridge.

Large wall units and scotch chests should be kept as light as possible.

Garden tools should be taped together in bundles.

Washing machines: Disconnect hoses and stow inside machine.

Pot plants to be drained of water and put in cartons where appropriate.


Follow these suggestions and have a successful removal.