Moving Labour Hire

We have a large crew of experienced labour available for both private and commercial moves both internal and local.  One person or several, whatever your need.





We have experienced labour available for other transport companies who do not want to carry the cost of having an offsider or extra driver travelling to Dunedin. Call us the day before and we can make someone available.

Do you need some muscle for help remodelling your shop or warehouse? An extra pair of hands to get the job tidied up?

Poor access, then we can provide a small ferry vehicle and driver for ease of pickup or delivery.


Private Customers

Have you imported a shipping container and need a hand to unload it into your new home?
If so we are the guys to call!
From one person to as many as you need, careful, strong and considerate.
Internal moves, eg. pianos from one room to another.
Pack only jobs.
Employ experience.



Flat moves:
2-3 hours approx x2 men 10-15m³ approx
2 Bedroom House:
3-5 hours approx x2 men 15-25m³ approx
3 Bedroom House:
5-7 hours approx x2 men 30-40m³ approx
4 Bedroom House:
6-8 hours approx x2 men 40-60m³ approx


Good Access

1 man can move  4m³ per hour
2 men 8m³ per hour
3 men 12m³ per hour


Bad Access add more

Work out m³ for household the x it by hours you think it would take to uplift and unload. (remember unloading does not take as long)



33m³ x 3 men
3 hours to load
1 hour inventory (when coming in to store)
2 hours unload