Personal & Commercial Storage

Based in Central Dunedin

Best Removals can offer a wide range of short and long term storage options located in our depot in Dunedin.

We have newly erected storage units of varying sizes within our warehouse, located in Central Dunedin, suitable for individual items through to a large household. Each unit is individually locked, and our facilities have 24hr security monitoring.

One of the benefits of using our facility is the time saving for us, including travel times and easy access for loading and unloading. These cost savings are passed directly on to you!

Storage is only accessible during the office hours.

Ring for a competitive price.

10m3 or less $22 + GST per week
10m3 - 20m3 $28 + GST per week
20m3 - 30m3 $34 + GST per week
30m3 - 40m3 $44 + GST per week
40m3 - 50m3 $52 + GST per week
50+m3 $58 + GST per week